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How to trap the Bears

So today I've decided to start writing my own keys to the game. While most of this may be redundant as some are very obvious this will at least be my take on them. Sadly I don't think a pot of honey will work today to catch the Bears but there are some traps the Bills can use to lure and lasso them.

1) Score! - First and foremost. We are ranked last in points per game at 10.9, last for pass offense at 149.1 yards, 23rd for rush offense at 97.3 yards, and 31st in total offense at 246.4. Somehow the offense needs to get going. While I do understand Peterman is behind center today he needs to find a way to move the chains. We need to establish a run game to open up the passing routes. But, Peterman needs to be careful on the throws and please don't throw near the sidelines. I'm curious to see how Pryor does today and where he lines up. I'm sure the Bears are going to bring pressure to attempt to force bad throws by Peterman. So the O-line needs to pick up the rush and give him time to read his progressions and make his throws. Get Shady and Ivory some holes or a solid push and some good things could happen.

2) Contain the run - Currently the Bears are the 3rd best rushing offense in the league. Now that stat is misleading as Trubisky averages 42.3 ypg meaning that the rest of the running backs are only accounting for 89.1 ypg. This may also take a hit as Guard Kyle Long is out for the next 6-8 weeks with a foot injury he sustained during the Jets game last week. If the Bills can contain the run and force Trubisky to throw into a dangerous secondary we could get a few turnovers from him. Trubisky has some accuracy issues and will sometimes take off on the run early instead of waiting for the plays to form. Hence his decent rushing numbers. Trubisky currently leads all QB's in rushing with 296 yards. Not what you'd expect. Admit it you figured it'd be Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. Stop the run and we can slow the Bears.

3) Bills Mafia - Always a key to the game. Especially after the BS that the Chicago media decided to play regarding the Bills Mafia. Way to go and insult our fan base calling us the "laughing stock of the NFL." So instead of getting out of control and smashing tables some of our mafia family (Eric Purdy and Del Reid) started donating to Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation and asked for the mafia to help. Ask Andy Dalton about the generosity of the Bills Mafia Chicago. I know I became enraged when seeing the video because there is not a more loyal and generous fan base than our own Bills Mafia. Make no mistake everyone will be fired up today. At least here in Rochester the weather is beautiful today as it is in Buffalo. A little cool but sunny skies. It's a great day for a football game, some tailgating, and Bills win. I can't wait for game time as I'm sure all of you reading this agree. Let's go Buffalo, circle the wagons, beware the stampede, and get us a win today.

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