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O-No Line

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

What has happened to the offensive line this year? The O line has turned into the O-no line. This year they have seen the loss of Glenn, Wood, and Incognito which have a combined 347 NFL games and five Pro Bowl appearances. Those are careers that are not easily replaceable and we have certainly seen that in the preseason so far. Granted it is preseason and there are new adjustments being made but, the lack of a steady line is a concern.

Ducasse has moved from right guard to left, Miller is at right guard, and Bodine is in his first season with the Bills as their new center. Bodine did start 64 games with Cincinnati but replacing Wood is still a large task. Mills and Dawkins will round out the five in the right and left tackle positions. The largest concern I have is so far they have struggled to block and the QB's have struggled heavily because of it. It also is going to make for tough running for Shady and Ivory since the line is struggling to block it is going to struggle opening holes. Shady does have more moves so it may be less of an impact for him but Ivory is a north south runner and could use some larger holes.

The Bills gave up 16 sacks in the preseason with poor Allen having to suffer through 7 of them. I do think the line will be better as we head towards the regular season but I am still concerned at this point in the game. It's a long season and I do believe the Bills will have a better showing that the 4 wins that most have predicted for them. However, the front 5 is going to go a long way in determining that number.

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